DC Indoor Golf is a great venue for all types of events.  Our simulators offer a wide variety of uses.

Private Parties:   Great for private parties (birthday, bachelor, bachelorette).  In a typical golf outing, you may only see 3 of your friends over the entire course of the day.  However, an outing at DC Indoor Golf permits you to see all of your guests, just steps away at the bar, or at their own simulators.

Corporate Events/Presentations:  Lots of business gets conducted on the golf course.  Come to DC Indoor Golf for your next business meeting.  Play 18 holes with your guest, give them a PowerPoint presentation on our screens, and have a bite to eat before calling it a day.

Charity Tournaments:  While DC Indoor Golf is limited to 8 PGA Tour Simulators, our ability to play interactively with other golf centers around the area, state, and country provides you the chance to make your charity tournament as large or as small as you want it to be.

Superbowl Parties:  Picture it.  Superbowl.  18 ft wide screens.  Kitchen and Bar.  Enough said.

Video Games:  Coming soon………

Advertising:  Advertise your business on any or all of our simulators.  Contact us for details.